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RFS – Real Flight Simulator iPhone Game Review

November 26, 2022

RFS – Real Flight Simulator iPhone Game Review

Taking a look at the iPhone game RFS – Real Flight Simulator, we can see that it’s a fun and challenging game that’s great for the whole family. You can have fun taking a look at the different airplanes, and then you can also try your hand at the multiplayer mode that’s available for the game. This is a game that has both free and paid versions, so you can choose what you want.

Airline Commander

Featuring semi-realistic cockpits and runways, the Airline Commander iPhone game lets players control and fly a variety of planes. In addition to letting users fly between cities, it also allows them to expand their airline companies.

The game also includes a competitive mode, where users can show off their flying skills by attempting to land the most airplanes in the air. There are also plenty of airliners to choose from, with 25 different types.

It’s also worth noting that the Airline Commander game does have a handful of ad features, such as an ad boost that increases your chances of acquiring contracts or waiting to complete a flight. However, free players will probably struggle to earn these bonuses.

The game also contains a tutorial that introduces new mechanics. The flight performance is also graded on a flight path. The game has an impressive array of aircraft, with dozens of hubs and airports. The game also features realistic SID/STAR takeoff and landing procedures, including a pushback system.

RC flight simulator

Designed by full scale and RC pilots, RealFlight is the world’s most accurate radio-control flight simulator. This mobile simulator lets you become a pilot in real time. It’s a great way to practice new maneuvers and hone your skills. The simulator also lets you manage your flight plans and communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC).

The app supports two accurately-modeled airplanes and offers realistic cockpits, sound effects, and realistic environmental conditions. You can fly on a variety of different types of planes, including civilian jets, military aircraft, and vintage machines.

You can even fly a hot air balloon! The aircraft are also extremely detailed and accurate, so you won’t feel out of place. You can also choose to play against other virtual pilots.

The game’s multiplayer mode supports up to eight people, and it features several missions. You can also fly a jet-ski, a jet-plane, and a helicopter.

The app has an easy-to-use user interface, and it has a vibrant community. The controls have a real-world feel, and you can choose to fly in Delta formation with AI wingmates.

Multiplayer gameplay

Among the many flight simulators available, one stands out amongst them. This is the RFS – Real Flight Simulator, developed by RORTOS. It is a premium simulation video game that gives users an immersive experience. It features a wide range of airplane models and high-resolution maps of the world. It also supports multiplayer gameplay.

The RFS Real Flight Simulator is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The game is free to download and install, but the Pro subscription plan unlocks a variety of additional features. It also includes real-time air traffic updates for 35 of the world’s largest airports.

The game includes a variety of aircraft models and mods, as well as an in-depth training mode. The simulator also offers several unique features, such as a replay function that allows you to see your landing from multiple angles.

The game includes an online multiplayer feature, which allows you to play with other players around the world. The game also features a variety of controls, including a split-screen mode.

Free version vs paid version

Whether you’re looking to get a hang of piloting an aircraft, or you’re a seasoned flyer who needs some practice, there’s a flight simulator for you. While some simulators are available for free, you can also pay for them. This guide will help you decide which is best for you.

Aircraft Simulator is a realistic flight simulator that simulates the air, terrain and weather conditions that you would experience when flying. It also includes realistic sounds and high quality onboard cameras. It includes more than a dozen aircraft, including military aircraft, supersonic jets, single engine aircraft, and helicopters.

X-Plane is a popular desktop flight simulator, and it’s now available for mobile devices. X-Plane 9 is a new version of the software that includes six regions and 10 aircraft models. This includes the Cirrus SF50 jet, the Cessna 172, and the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter. This version of X-Plane also includes Wi-Fi multiplayer.

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