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Rome: Total War – BI on iPhone

December 28, 2022

Rome: Total War – BI is a mobile strategy game that will be available on iOS devices. The game was released on April 26, 2006 and was originally released for Windows, but Feral Interactive recently released a version of the game for the iPhone. Read on to learn more about the game’s gameplay, controls, and more.


Rome: Total War, a turn-based strategic campaign game developed by The Creative Assembly, was one of the most popular Total War titles. It has also received acclaim as being one of the best games of all time. Originally released for PC and Mac in February 2010, the game has since been ported to the iPhone and iPad.

Feral Interactive Limited published the title on iOS. ROME: Total War is a slick and compelling game that takes on the Roman empire. Featuring over a dozen different units, players must defend their city from a barrage of attacks.

Unlike the PC version, the iPhone version has been optimized for touch screens. In addition to the gameplay, the UI has been revamped for this mobile edition.

In addition to the game’s impressive core, the Barbarian expansion is now available on mobile devices. As the title suggests, the Roman Empire is facing an invasion from Barbarian hordes.

Players will be able to fight against these hordes in both a turn-based and real-time campaign. Thousands of units will be in action, demonstrating how dynamic the battlefield is.


If you are an iOS user, you can now play the classic PC game Rome: Total War on your iPhone. This is a great game that has a lot to offer.

It combines real-time tactical battles with turn-based campaign. The game’s engine has been refined by military historians to provide the most accurate historical detail possible. You can take your armies across the world to defend the Roman Empire against hordes of barbarians.

One of the biggest things that the game offers is its ability to bring you a new level of immersion. While the iPad version has been out for a while, the iPhone has only recently been added to the lineup.

The controls for the game are optimized for the touch-screen interface of your iPhone. You’ll use your fingers to track the formations of your troops and attack the enemy. Once you have a clearer view, you can hide the main battle UI to focus on your units.

Requires an iPhone

This is not to say that you will have to purchase a new car to prove your mettle. In fact, a resale t-shirt and a mug of hot coffee could have you swiping left and right like a pro. You just have to make sure you aren’t doing it while in the wrong hands. To boot, there’s an app for that. We’re talking about your iPhone and Apple Watch. Luckily, Apple’s got your back. From there, you’ll be able to ride the wave with confidence. If you’ve never owned a smartphone, you’re in for a treat. But you’ve got to know what you’re doing, or you’ll end up in the ditch. Fortunately, the Apple Watch is equipped with an iOS 10 mobile platform that’s well optimized for iOS 9 and above devices. Plus, the company is no slacker when it comes to security. And with the release of iOS 11.2, you can expect to see a steady stream of bug fixes and improvements to come your way.

Coming to the Play Store

Rome: Total War – BI, an expansion pack to the popular strategy game, has finally arrived on the Google Play Store. This is an exciting addition to the ROME series, a remastered version of the original RTS. The new version includes new character and gameplay features, as well as improvements to existing mechanics.

Players of Rome: Total War will be delighted to learn that this new version of the game is incredibly easy to play. Moreover, the iOS version of the game has been streamlined to make it easier to play on mobile. And for a limited time, players who have already purchased the original version can get it for 50% off.

With a new tactical map, players can better command the battlefields of Rome. Also, the in-game camera has been enhanced, including a wider zoom level in Campaign mode. In addition, the game includes a new set of icon overlays for the gameplay mechanics.

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