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Rusty Lake Hotel Game Review

December 18, 2022

Rusty Lake Hotel Game Review

Rusty Lake Hotel is a spooky, atmospheric adventure game that takes you to a creepy hotel where you have to solve puzzles, collect items, and defeat the villains in order to find out what’s going on. The characters in the game are so believable and the story so intriguing that you can’t help but want to play through the entire thing, even though you know that it might not be very rewarding.


There are many characters in the Rusty Lake game series. Some are human, others are not. Some have a connection to the players, while others are just there to be murdered. They are all connected to the main theme of the game: rebirth.

The Rusty Lake Hotel is a cartoon game with a macabre feel. Its characters include a shadowy figure that represents the town, a fish that can speak, and other creatures. There are also a few structures, a cave, a mill, and a Chapel. Some rooms are minimalist, while others are elaborate and filled with paraphernalia.

Among the character types, there is one that stands out. It is the shadowy figure. It is a new form that is the embodiment of Rusty Lake. When Harvey comes to Rusty Lake, he is greeted by this figure.


Rusty Lake is a series of games from the Amsterdam-based developer Rusty Lake. They are a series of point and click room escape games. The games are highly imaginative and incorporate a lot of clever and morbid humor. The games have a distinct tone and are full of puzzles.

The latest game from Rusty Lake is The Past Within, which has been in development for almost two and a half years. It is the studio’s most ambitious game yet, and is available for iOS and PC.

Unlike most of the previous games in the series, The Past Within features two players in separate timelines. They’re tasked with solving the same mystery, but in different ways. In each timeline, they’re tasked with completing certain tasks in order to progress.


Rusty Lake Hotel is a point-and-click puzzle game that’s both eerie and fun. It’s also a unique piece of game design.

As the name suggests, you’re in charge of running a hotel. It’s not just a place for guests, though. Each guest has a specific purpose, such as killing other guests.

The game is a blend of Edward Gorey-esque art and surreal humor. You’ll be asked to solve simple puzzles, but they’re not easy. Instead, you’ll need to think about how the world around you works.

The art style is very unique. Each room has a different theme. In addition to that, the rooms have a lot of paraphernalia. This can be used to complete the puzzles, but it’s also a hindrance.

Adventure game

The Rusty Lake Hotel is a point and click adventure game. The puzzles are based on the room escape genre. Each room has a puzzle that you must complete. The solutions to the puzzles vary, and you must use different angles and methods to solve them.

The game has a dark humor. It also features cartoon gore. It is free to download, and it is available on Android and iOS. It is an oddly unsettling game, but it is a very challenging one.

The game is a bit slow at exposition. The characters are fairly bare bones. However, there is enough characterization to keep players interested. There are five guests who stay at the Rusty Lake Hotel. Each has a reason for coming.


Rusty Lake is an indie mobile game series that has garnered a dedicated following. They have a fan base of over 60,000 Facebook followers and over 15 million downloads. This series is full of amazing puzzles and clever gameplay.

The Rusty Lake games offer atmospheric room escape puzzles and point and click flair. They are cheap and are worth a try. Their latest release is a co-op puzzler titled The Past Within. This game has been in development for over two years, and it is now available on PC, iOS, and Android. It features two distinct timelines where players have to work together to progress.

The game also has an impressive storyline. It is one of the best room escape games out there. The game requires players to unravel the mysteries of each room in order to progress.

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