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Rusty Lake Paradise on iPhone

January 15, 2023
Rusty Lake Paradise on iPhone

Rusty Lake Paradise on iPhone is a game that is full of puzzles and surprises. It is an excellent choice for players who are looking for something new to experience on their iOS device. This game has been designed by the developer that has created the successful puzzle title Escape: Prison Break.


There are a lot of games that are available in the App Store. Among them, Rusty Lake: Paradise is one of them. The game is an interactive puzzle that features a few cool gimmicks, such as a wacky puzzle involving a worm.

In addition to the puzzle, the game also features some mystical rites that you must take part in to get out of the woods. It’s not all bad though. Some of the most fun parts of the game are the interactions with members of the Eilander family.

Among all the games in the Rusty Lake series, Paradise stands out for its mystical quest. Players must solve a series of puzzles and perform rituals in order to save the Eilander family. But the real fun is found in the mysterious and awe-inspiring final puzzle.

Unlike many of its predecessors, the puzzles in this Rusty Lake game are not merely fun, but they are a very good finale. They are fun, challenging, and fast-paced.


Rusty Lake Paradise is a point-and-click puzzle game. You play as Jakob Eilander, the oldest son of the Eilander family. When his mother dies, he returns to the Paradise island and begins solving challenging puzzles.

The game takes place on an isolated island in Rusty Lake. As you progress, you’ll encounter a mystical quest centered on ten plagues. These are mysterious symbols hidden in various spots on the island. In order to find out what they mean, you must solve tricky puzzles and participate in mystical rites.

Unlike most point-and-click games, Rusty Lake Paradise does not have a traditional storyline. Instead, it is a mystical quest with a unique style and a wide variety of puzzles.

It is the latest in a series of point-and-click adventure games from Rusty Lake, which includes Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake: Roots, and Rusty Lake: Second Maze. Each one is similar in gameplay and plot, but the style and themes are distinctive enough to stand alone.


Rusty Lake Paradise is the third premium game from the Rusty Lake series. Players are called upon to investigate a mysterious island, which has a strange plague in the year 1796. This leads to more exploration, and offers a wide variety of puzzle combinations.

A mysterious character named Lacus Fleo is involved with the story. He’s a character from the Rusty Lake series, but he’s not the only one who’s involved. Other characters include Gerard, a big eater, and Mr. Owl, a former human.

The plot has been developed to incorporate themes of reincarnation and memory. The player must work together to progress through each timeline.

Rusty Lake’s puzzles are unusual. They’re often opaque and designed in a counterintuitive way. Several of the puzzles involve disembodied hands, which point the way to the right track.

Paradise features a number of hidden puzzles. For instance, the old woman in The Mill needs to be bribed repeatedly. She also has a key that she must open up the window. There’s also a secret message in the gin tonic. However, most players will not discover its true meaning without a walkthrough.


Rusty Lake Paradise is a mystical point and click adventure that takes place on an island. It begins in the 1700s, and follows a character named Jakob Eilander. He has returned to the island after the death of his mother. Now, he must solve a series of puzzles to find her buried memories. In the process, he must participate in mystical rituals.

The puzzles in Rusty Lake are often a bit odd. Most of them are setpiece minigames, and they are structured in an unconventional way. These puzzles are also opaque. You will not know what to do unless you use your in-game achievements to find symbols. Ultimately, these puzzles are excellent and end in a good finale.

The puzzles are also very difficult. If you are not a puzzler, it is unlikely that you will finish the game. However, if you enjoy challenging puzzles, you should give this point and click adventure a shot.

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