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Score Hero 2023 on iPhone

March 3, 2023

Score Hero 2023 on iPhone

Score Hero 2023 is one of the best free to play sports games available on the App Store. Developed by First Touch Games Ltd., this game is full of engaging challenges and a captivating story.

This soccer game puts you in the shoes of a fresh faced footballer, guiding him on a journey to superstardom. Shoot, pass and score your way to a glittering career in an epic 3D sports game!


Score Hero 2023 on iphone is a casual sports simulation game that is available on the App Store. This is a free-to-play game that has been developed by First Touch Games Ltd.

It’s a soccer game that allows you to take control of your team. It’s a very easy game to play and requires you to execute the correct movements on the screen.

Another feature of this game is that you can create a goal route that fits your situation at the time. This helps to improve the overall gameplay of the game.

The game also has a few challenges that help you to unlock more levels. You’ll need to earn stars from every level that you complete.

If you’re looking for a new soccer game to try, we recommend Score Hero 2023 on iphone. It’s a great game that has a lot of fun and it’s completely free to download and play. It’s a must-have for all fans of sports and soccer games.


Score Hero 2023 on iphone features stunning graphics that showcase glorious animations and hyper-realistic gameplay. The game also features officially licensed clubs and leagues from around the world, giving players a real-life soccer experience.

The game’s controls are fairly straightforward: You draw a line on the screen, and your goal is to kick or pass the ball to an opponent. Missing a shot or passing the ball reduces your energy reserves.

Luckily, there are several ways to conserve your energy and get more money: rewinding a missed shot, accumulating points, or buying bundles of cash. These options are helpful to younger kids who may be hesitant to play the sport for fear of getting hurt.

Despite its flaws, Score Hero 2023 is a fun game that’s easy to learn and enjoy. It’s also a great way to introduce young children to the basics of soccer. And since it’s based on actual clubs and leagues, kids might be able to talk about the rules of the game with their parents.


There are many football games on the market, but Score Hero 2023 is a unique title that delivers a fun and engaging game experience. Whether you’re an experienced football player or new to the sport, this app will have you competing against players around the globe and savoring the excitement of the beautiful game.

The controls in Score Hero 2023 are simple to learn and intuitive. All you need to do is swipe the screen to draw a path for the ball. This mimics the way a real-life soccer game works, which is perfect for anyone who hasn’t played a video game before.

The game has a variety of missions and challenges that you can complete to earn stars. These stars are important for you to have if you want to progress in the game. You can get them by performing well in a match or fulfilling other requests. These stars are crucial for you to get into big league clubs and compete with other players.


Score Hero 2023 is a mobile game that puts players in the boots of an up-and-coming soccer superstar. It features officially licensed clubs and leagues, plus a new hero mode that allows you to sync your progress across devices.

It also features great graphics, glorious animations, and hyper-realistic gameplay. It also includes an endless hero mode, which is a nice change from the regular hero mode.

The game is free to play but it does offer in-app purchases for items like bundles of in-game currency. Parents may want to limit these purchases so that kids don’t feel pressured into buying things they might not really need.

Overall, Score Hero 2023 is a fairly kid-friendly sports game. U.K. football fans should find it easy to get involved in, and younger children could enjoy the cheering crowds and simple game controls. It’s a fun app that’s easy for young people to play, but it does have some content that might be too mature for some.

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