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Stack the States – A Fun and Educational Game For Kids of All Ages

November 26, 2022
Stack the States – A Fun and Educational Game For Kids of All Ages

Stack the States is a fun, educational game for kids of all ages. It includes a series of quizzes and bonus games. Each one will teach the kids about states in America.

Bonus games

Stack the States is a unique game that helps kids learn about the United States of America. It features an interactive map, flash cards, and bonus games. Kids can also learn about the capitals and landmarks of each state.

Students can play Stack the States with up to six people on the same account. Each person can choose an avatar to use during the game. The goal of the game is to carefully stack states until they reach a checkered line. The game mixes fast-paced gameplay with trivia questions.

The first bonus game, Capital Drop, requires the player to match the capital of the state with the state’s name. The correct answer will drop the state into place on the platform. When the state reaches the bottom of the screen, the game ends.

Another bonus game, Puzzler, is more challenging. The player must move the state shapes around on the screen in order to answer questions. The goal is to match the correct answers with the states.


Stack the states is a fun and educational game that tests a student’s knowledge of the United States. It is an interactive game that lets students build stacks of states and test their knowledge of state shapes, capitals, and abbreviations.

The game is free to download. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements. It features animated states that can be moved around, and the goal is to stack them as high as possible. The Stack the States website also has links to other apps by Dan Russell-Pinson.

The main game features four states and the goal is to stack them into a tower. The state capitals are animated and look at each other. The Stack the States website also offers a variety of mini-games. The state spelling game, state flags game, and capital spelling game are all fun and educational.

The Stack the States app also includes a quiz on the capitals of each state. This quiz asks players to select which state borders another, which states are capitals of which states, and which capitals have nicknames.

Educational value

Stacking the states, whether in the classroom or the real world, is a fun and exciting way to teach students about states and their capitals. It mixes need to know facts with a touch of trivia. The best part is, it works for reluctant learners, too. The game is fun and engaging, even for those who don’t care for the stacking part.

While the game may be a lot of fun, the educational value of stacking the states is not a question of if, but when. The Stack the States game is not a new fad, but it’s become a popular tool for teachers to use with students. The game is easy to set up, and uses fun and engaging visuals to get kids involved.

The Stack the States game is one of the most useful tools teachers can use to maximize their students’ time at school. The game helps students to solidify their knowledge of the states, capitals, and other landmarks. It also helps them to recognize the illustrious ol’ U.S. states, capitals, and cities. This is a fun and interesting way to get students to learn about their states and capitals, and to demonstrate the important role that each state and its capital plays in our nation’s history.

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