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Stack the States App Review

December 3, 2022

Stack the States App Review

Stack the States is an interactive map app that lets children learn about the United States through a fun game. The game features three main sections: Learn, Bonus games, and Interactive map. In the Learn section, children can learn about each state by taking a picture of the state and placing it on the map. In the Bonus games section, children can play a number of games that include matching objects, solving puzzles, and more. The app is suitable for children aged four and up.

Approximate age range for this app

Stack the States is a multifaceted mobile app designed to tick the box on the aforementioned list. The app ain’t short on features, from an impressive collection of in-app games to a whopping unlimited guest user count. Stack the States isn’t for the faint of heart, so if your kids are looking for a new and engaging way to pass the time, you may want to give them something a bit more challenging than an iPad to play with. The app’s numerous features, from its game modes to its social features, will have them on the run all day long. The app also has a built in learning center to help teachers make the most of their time. It’s a great way to get kids to learn about their country’s history, geography, and cultural past while at the same time having fun. A gambit to engage your kids in the act of learning will reap many benefits for years to come.

Learn section

Stack the States is a highly popular app. It mixes fast-paced gameplay with need-to-know facts. It is also a great tool for teachers to use with students. It can be downloaded for Apple, Android, Windows, or Windows Phone devices. Its price is reasonable and its content is educational.

In Stack the States, players must stack states to reach a finish line. It can be challenging for some players. This is because some states can be dropped off the edge of the map. But with the right balance of states, players can reach the top finish line. The game also rewards players for correctly answering questions about the 50 states.

The Learn section is the most recent addition to Stack the States. This section includes an interactive map and flash cards. The map includes major cities and landmarks, as well as 3-D elevation views. There are also mini games to reinforce the main app’s facts.

Bonus games

Stack the States is a geography app that makes learning about the United States of America fun. It uses interactive maps, landmarks, and animated states. This app makes learning about the US easier and more fun, while also engaging children’s imaginations. It also includes games, flashcards, and more. Stack the States is available for $2.99 on all devices.

Stack the States allows students to learn about the US through games and quizzes. Students answer questions about capital cities, nicknames, flags, and more. It also has a map with high-resolution pictures of US landmarks. Students can play on their own or with up to six classmates.

The game combines fast-paced gameplay with an entertaining mix of trivia and need-to-know facts. Stack the States is a great tool for teachers to use with their students. It aligns with 3rd and 4th Grade Common Core Standards.

The games are challenging and may be a bit confusing for younger students. In order to play, students must answer questions and move states around to place them on the map. If a student answers correctly, they can earn a state to stack.

Interactive map

Stack the States Interactive map is an educational game that provides students with an interactive way to learn about American States. It features scaled states, relevant photo backgrounds, and a realistic physics engine. The game asks students to choose among four states and place them in a stack. The goal is to move them to the finish line. When they cross the finish line, they receive a randomly selected state. This game fills a gap in geography education.

The game also features a 50 state quiz. This quiz requires students to answer questions about each state’s shape, location, nickname, and bordering states. For each correct answer, the student receives a reward. For correct answers on the second try, they receive more points. The game also includes high-resolution pictures of famous US landmarks and fun sound effects.

In addition to the main game, the Stack the States Interactive map features four bonus games. These games include Connect 2, Capital Tap, and Map It. The goal in each game is to build stacks of states until they reach the finish line. Once they cross the finish line, they are rewarded with additional points.

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