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Star Wars: KOTOR II Review

December 8, 2022

Star Wars: KOTOR II Review

KOTOR II is a great game for those who are fans of Star Wars. It features all the best elements from the original game, while bringing a whole new set of characters to the table. You will also find some amazing graphics and a storyline that is going to keep you enthralled.

Art and design

During the PlayStation Showcase in 2021, Aspyr Media announced the upcoming release of a Knights of the Old Republic remake. The game was set to be a Sony PlayStation 5 exclusive. However, it was later delayed indefinitely.

The original Knights of the Old Republic released in 2003, and was one of the best-selling Star Wars video games of all time. This game had an epic storyline, a diverse cast of characters, and challenging battles.

After the first two installments were finished, a Cold War began in the galaxy. This led to the Second Great Galactic War, when the Jedi, Sith, and Hutts clashed. These forces created a new timeline for the Star Wars franchise. The new stories put effort into the saga, but also created a glut of insubstantial content.

The next in the series, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, will take place 300 years after the events of the original. The title uses every aspect of the original game to further refine the themes and messages. It will introduce new characters, lightsaber types, colors, and Jedi classes.


Whether you’re playing it on a PC, Xbox, or the Switch, KOTOR II is a great game. It’s got a lot to offer, including a deep character development system, a good storyline, and a replayability feature. And despite its age, the graphics and sound are pretty good.

But if you’re playing KOTOR on the Switch, you’ll have better textures and a more stable frame rate. Plus, you’ll have access to a new HD touch-up.

KOTOR 2 has its share of bugs, though. A Game Rant review by Joshua Duckworth mentions the invisible walls, the AI deciding to stay in its lair, and allies leaping around. And some players also found a crash after the main cutscene.

For those looking for an easy fix, it’s worth checking the Troubleshooting section of the game’s manual. It includes details on how to fix problems with the resolution, sound card, and Force Software Sound. If these solutions don’t work, you may need to reset the game or warp to a location where you can reset the settings.


KOTOR II is a sequel to the critically acclaimed first installment of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In the game, players choose between the light and dark side of the Force. They can build unique Force powers and customize their characters to their own liking.

KOTOR II takes place about five years after the events of the first game. It features three classes of Jedi, and heavy emphasis is placed on exploring the galaxy and getting involved in affairs.

The game’s plot begins on the planet Telos, where Jedi Order exiles live. The Jedi Order’s original master, Kreia, has been banished from the Order. During a battle with the Sith, she activates a Mass Shadow Generator, which causes over a thousand instantaneous deaths. This trauma causes the Jedi Knight, Meetra Surik, to lose his connection to the Force.

Surik is rescued by a bounty hunter named Mira. She teams up with Surik’s companions to rescue her. HK-47, a droid created by Revan after the Battle of Malachor V, recognizes Surik as its new master.


Compared to the original, the graphics in Star Wars: KOTOR II look a little dated. But there are some improvements that make the game better.

The story in KOTOR II begins in the Jedi Order’s exiled colony of Telos. The player is tasked with defending the Republic from a trio of Sith Lords. These three nefarious characters have only one goal: to destroy the Republic.

There are also new races and some improvements to the combat system. The new combat system is D&D-inspired turn-based. But even though the KOTOR II has improvements to the graphics, it doesn’t change the core of the game. In fact, the combat is slower at times.

There are a few graphics mods that fans can try. You can turn off grass, shadows, and force effects. You can also turn on a frame rate option. These options will help you with lag and unexpected crashes. You can find more details in the Troubleshooting section.

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