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Sudoku.com – Number Games iPhone Game Review

November 27, 2022

Sudoku.com – Number Games iPhone Game Review

Whether you’re looking for a simple and enjoyable game to pass the time, or a challenge for your brainpower, there is something for everyone in Sudoku.com. This is a great iPhone game that offers a variety of sudokus to choose from, including the popular Str8ts and the snazzy EA Sudoku. This is a game that will entertain you for hours on end, and is definitely a game that you’ll want to download.

Good Sudoku

Developed by Zach Gage, Good Sudoku is a digital version of the popular puzzle game. Good Sudoku is available for free on iOS and iPad. It is a new app that aims to redefine the digital Sudoku experience.

The game has a number of features, including custom puzzle modes, a number pad, and AI-powered hints. It also offers a note-taking system that allows you to highlight open spots in the puzzle. It also includes a global leaderboard for daily puzzles.

It is also possible to create your own puzzles. You can create puzzles from scratch or import puzzles from other apps. You can also set the level of difficulty.

EA Sudoku

Originally released in 2006, the 5th generation iPod version of Sudoku has received a major update. The game now includes a graphical user interface and a number of visual tools to make solving puzzles easier.

The game is free. You can download the app from the iTunes App Store. EA claims that it contains thousands of puzzles. It has four difficulty levels. The lowest is easy, with a minimum of 20 points awarded for completion. However, the highest is very hard. In addition to that, players are also awarded points based on how many errors they make.

The interface is simple. There is a nine-digit keypad for entering notations. The keypad changes color to indicate which notation mode is being used. There are also borders surrounding selected rows and columns. These make it easier to determine which numbers are in a cell.

Kamicom Sudoku

Regardless of whether you are in the market for a new tablet, smartphone or PC, the Kamicom Sudoku game has your name written all over it. In fact, you can take the challenge on the go with you, assuming you are the kind of person who is capable of handling a scribbled note. Despite its limitations, you will be rewarded with the same experience as you would from a pen and paper. This nifty app even boasts an impressive number of puzzles to choose from, and the ones that didn’t make it are scot free.

The app is well designed and has a fair amount of polish. It boasts an impressive library of puzzles, spanning a slew of levels, from easy to uber-challenging.

Trivial Sudoku

Whether you’re an experienced Sudoku player or a beginner, there’s a Sudoku iPhone game out there to keep you entertained. Trivial Sudoku is a plain-jane version of the puzzle game, and it’s available in three difficulty levels. However, the app lacks some of the features that make it worth paying for.

For $4, you can get Platinum Sudoku. This app is one of the better Sudoku titles on the market. It features five difficulty levels and two unlockable levels. You can also shake your iPhone to show options, and it includes error checking mode. However, there’s no way to play iPod music while you’re playing.


Among the most popular number games available for iPhone and iPad are Sudoku and Str8ts. Both are created by Andrew Stuart, a puzzle master and co-creator of the popular television show, Dragon’s Den.

Str8ts is a logic-based puzzle game reminiscent of Sudoku. It’s simple, but it’s also challenging. In Str8ts, players are challenged to fill in the grid by placing numbers from 1 to 9 in a series of consecutive numbers. These numbers can only be used once in each column, row, and even space within the grid. In addition, there is an automatic pencil marks mode that provides all of the possible answers.

Sudoku Master Edition: Logic

SUDOKU MASTER EDITION: Logic is a great app for Sudoku lovers. It has a modern interface and the ability to toggle the notepad on and off. It also supports the Apple Pencil, which is a nice feature. It is not available for download directly to the computer, though.

This sudoku app also has some other interesting features. It has some nice animations and graphics. It also includes a variety of different difficulty levels. There is also an auto check feature for mistakes.

Other features include the ability to save and play a puzzle in its own time, the ability to use pencil marks, a highlight duplicate, and the ability to set a mistake limit.

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