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Sync PVP Basketball Review

February 8, 2023

Sync PVP Basketball Review

NBA CLASH: Sync PVP Basketball is a free-to-play mobile game that brings head-to-head basketball action to your phone. It’s developed by Nifty Games and licensed by the NBA and NBPA.

It features all 30 NBA teams and over 100 individual players, each with their own special abilities. It’s the perfect game for armchair power forwards and casual hoops fans alike!


NBA CLASH: Sync PVP Basketball is a mobile game where you compete in short head-to-head matches that play out in real time. You control your players in offensive and defensive situations, using a mixture of taps, drags and swipes to score points.

Featuring 30 NBA teams and players, this fast-paced basketball title challenges you to prove your skills in exciting online matchups. The game uses a three versus three set-up, with the first team to score 11 points winning.

Use your team’s special abilities to take on opponents from around the world in a variety of gameplay modes. There are also a number of different leagues to choose from, as well as an extensive leaderboard. If you’re a fan of sports on mobile, then this game is a must-try! You can download it now on Google Play and the App Store. It is free to download and play! Just make sure to check the app’s ratings and review before downloading it.


Designed with eye-popping visuals, NBA CLASH: Sync PVP Basketball takes fast-paced head-to-head basketball action to the next level. Licensed by the National Basketball Association (NBA) and NBPA, this quick-session, real-time PVP mobile game features all 30 NBA teams and over 100 players.

In NBA Clash, you can build your own dream team of iconic NBA stars and put them to the test in competitive matches. Unlock and upgrade player cards to maximize your squad’s strength.

Challenge live players in real-time PvP sessions to prove your strategic talent and claim top honors on the global leaderboards! Collect trophies with every victory, unlock new NBA Stars and build an ultimate team to beat your opponents!

You can also assemble your dream team by selecting from Position Packs and Featured Packs to build a team that reflects your personal style. There’s also daily challenges, events and seasonal campaigns to test your strategy and improve your NBA Clash experience.


NBA Clash is a simple, compact basketball game for mobile devices that combines the thrill of quick double dribbles with deeper strategy. Match gem colors to unlock special moves for each character.

Control the action of each player in both offensive and defensive situations by tapping and dragging on points on the screen. The controls are a little confusing at first, but they are easy enough to master once you get the hang of them.

Use your team’s unique special abilities to beat the competition in quick-session, real-time head-to-head matches. Launching players Jaylen Brown and Jamal Murray lead the way, but you’ll find more than 100 NBA stars on-hand to unleash special powers that will leave your opponents stumbling.

NBA Clash combines the fun of fast-paced head-to-head basketball with the depth of strategy that dedicated fans will love. Build a bespoke team of your favorite NBA stars and level them up as you climb the leaderboards.


NBA Clash is a fast-paced, head-to-head basketball game that will have you hooked on the sport like never before. School your opponents with quick drives to the basket, long-range 3-pointers and explosive dunks as you climb the leaderboards and dominate the competition!

You can play this free-to-play mobile basketball game against friends in online multiplayer or in face-to-face matches with real players from around the world. Build your dream team of NBA stars and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard!

Licensed by the NBA and NBPA, NBA CLASH features all 30 NBA teams and over 100 individual players. It’s a quick-session, real-time PVP mobile game that allows gamers worldwide to compete in 3-on-3 games featuring first to eleven scoring.

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