Tap Tap Revenge Review

Review by Dave Leclair

Currently the Itunes app store is loaded with free games, many are demos of a pay game, and a lot of the rest are barely worth the cost of admission (which may I remind you is nothing). However, there are some standout games on the app store for free that are so good, I would be willing to pay for them, Tap Tap Revenge, or Tap Tap, is one of these games. Imagine Tap Tap as a mix of Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, on your iPhone.

In the game, the player tries to tap colored circles, and move the iPhone in the direction of on screen arrows, as they move down one of three colored lines. All of this is done to the beat of one of the many songs available in the game. The premis sounds simple, but as Guitar Hero proved, a simple premis, done right, can equal a ton of gameplay, and huge success. Tap Tap offers four difficulty levels, starting with Easy mode, moving up to Medium, then hard and lastly extreme. At the extreme difficulty the game gets hard enough to keep even the most experienced music game veteren entertained. If you are not a veteren to the music game genre, never fear, it offers a tutorial to get you off your feet and into the groove.

Tap Tap offers great replayability, with a slew of downloadable content, as well as multiple difficulty levels, its pretty tough to get board with the game. It also features leaderboards, for your own best scores as well as globaly, so there’s always that desire to play that song one more time to beat that last high score. Included in a recent update, to go along with the global leaderboards, is your tapulous profile. You have to option of posting a picture directly from your phone to the game, so all your fellow tappers can see the man (or women) behind the high scores.

The game also offers a two player battle mode, where the iPhone is set down on the table beetween the two players, and one persons notes are on the bottom and the other is on the top, it can be a little clumsy though if one of you move the phone by accident (or on purpose). If you aren’t clumsy (or a cheater) then the multiplayer mode can offer a lot of good, competitive fun, and add even more value to this free game.

Overall, Tap Tap Revenge absolutly worth downloading, with its extended replayablity, and pick up and play gameplay it can’t be missed.

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