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The Last Campfire Game Review

November 25, 2022

The Last Campfire Game Review

Earlier this year, Hello Games announced that they were developing a new puzzle video game called The Last Campfire. It would be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. It was set for release on August 27, 2020.


Designed by Hello Games, The Last Campfire is an exploration puzzle game about finding hope and meaning in a world filled with embers. It’s available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Apple Arcade.

Its colorful cast of characters provide insights to the player, and its charming colour palette creates a relaxing and immersive experience. Some areas of the game are vibrant, while others are bleak. The game is not without its flaws, however.

The game’s story involves a soul named Ember, who has stumbled upon a world full of embers and lost souls. Ember must find a way to help the trapped spirits find their way out. To do this, Ember solves puzzles. The puzzles are varying in difficulty and include push blocks, block pushing, and moving objects. These puzzles help keep frustrations to a minimum, as each puzzle is unique.

The puzzles are all designed to help Ember get to Forlorn, the last campfire. When Forlorn is found, Ember must return it to the local campfire.


Despite being a small scale passion project, The Last Campfire has some pretty neat visuals and music. The game uses a 3D style to render the environments, and is colorful and well designed. The characters in the game are cute, and the voice-overs are soothing.

The Last Campfire also has a fun and whimsical touch. In fact, this game is a family-friendly title. The game is a mix of fantasy and real life, and it presents an underlying message of helping others.

The main goal in the game is to rescue Forlorn, and the game takes place in a series of strange lands. Each campfire has its own unique aesthetic. As the player rescues more Forlorn, the central campfire turns blue. The central campfire also has a small whirlpool where Forlorn gather.

Despite the fact that there are some pretty neat things to do in The Last Campfire, the game is rather short. It could have been longer.


Taking its cues from the Legend of Zelda, The Last Campfire is a puzzle game that follows a character on a journey to find a home. The game combines a series of environmental puzzles with a personal story.

The story of The Last Campfire follows Ember, a lost ember. As Ember travels through the lands, she encounters other embers who have lost their way. Ember must guide these lost souls on their journey. However, while some will welcome her help, others will not.

Ember is on a quest to find a home. Along the way, she will encounter the ‘forlorn’ – other embers who have lost their way. These forlorns are bereft of hope, and their interactions require Ember to solve puzzles to help them out.

As Ember travels through the lands, her journey will take her through swamps and forests. Along the way, she will encounter ‘forlorn’ – other lost souls who have lost their way. These forlorns have lost their hope, and their interactions require Ember to use her magic to help them out.

Technical setbacks

Despite being a well-made game, The Last Campfire has some technical setbacks that make it difficult to enjoy. The main reason is that the game will often crash, and then you will be left with a black screen. Other problems include dodgy animations and NPCs that break immersion. If you have any problems, there is always an auto-patching system that can fix them.

Despite the fact that The Last Campfire is a simple puzzle game, it will still test your puzzle solving skills. The game recycles puzzles that have been around for years, but it also emphasizes tranquility and relaxation. Thankfully, the game is designed to provide a relaxed experience that is enjoyable for a weekend. It has some good puzzles, too. Despite its technical setbacks, the game is still worth playing. If you have the time and patience, you’ll find yourself enjoying this quaint, relaxing game for hours. You can download it from the Amazon store, or from the Hello Games website.

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