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True Skate iPhone Game Review

November 25, 2022

Taking the sport of skateboarding to the iPhone, True Skate brings the feel of the real thing to your fingertips. Featuring an authentic soundtrack, this game will make you feel like you are on the boardwalk. However, the controls are a bit finicky and there is a lack of depth to the gameplay.

Controls are finicky

Despite its flinty shortcomings, True Skate is a fun diversion for the right type of player. The controls may be finicky, but the resulting fun is worth the wait. True Skate has a plethora of challenges and achievements for you to conquer. The best part is you have the luxury of playing solo or in groups. With its clever and fun controls, you can play at your own pace. There is one drawback: you have to be willing to pay for your play time. True Skate has one 3D skatepark. It is a surprisingly large game and the graphics aren’t bad, but the graphics are not quite as good as what you might expect from a high-end gaming system. It may be a bit hard to justify buying a game for that price, but that’s just a minor niggle. Compared to the other rogues at the arcade, you are likely to be in the majority.

Recreates the feel of real skateboarding

Unlike some of the other skateboarding games available, True Skate is a touch-based game that lets you roll around a skatepark doing tricks. It features a lot of different places to practice tricks, as well as different layouts and rails.

True Skate was developed by Frosch Media, which is a multi award-winning game development studio based in Sydney, Australia. They have worked on games such as Battlefield, Burnout, and Harry Potter. They also have experience in developing apps for companies such as Renault Sport.

True Skate uses a touch-based physics system to create realistic deck wear. You can also swipe left and right to steer your True Skate in the direction you want. Once you get the hang of the game’s control scheme, you can unlock more skateparks and decks through in-app purchases.

There are missions for you to complete, which can help you learn more about the game. These missions require you to do certain tricks in certain places, which also awards you in-game currency. Some missions even have a time limit, so you have to keep up.

Lacks depth of gameplay

Compared to other iPhone games of its ilk, True Skate stands out as a winner for its slick touch controls and immersive 3D skate park. Although it lacks a replay system, it is still a fun game to play on the move.

The game’s touch controls are intuitive enough to keep even the most jaded skateboarder happy. It is also the first iOS game to feature a 3D skate park that is not locked to a particular track or trick. A sandbox mode lets you roam the park at will. It is not difficult to see why this is the best mobile skateboarding game on the market.

True Skate boasts some impressive graphics, including a 3D skate park and a 3D board. The game is a hoot to play and offers hours of entertainment. It is the best mobile skateboarding game on the App Store. In addition to the game’s three levels of play, there are in-app purchases available to augment the aforementioned content.

Sound effects make you feel like you are skating

Whether you are a new player or an experienced player, you can find some fun in playing True Skate. It is an iOS game that lets you roll around a skate park pulling off tricks. You can also get achievements, which will keep you motivated and involved in the game. In addition, you will get sound effects to help you feel like you are really skating. These sound effects include a distant sound of traffic, which gives you a sense of the urban environment. Using your phone to play True Skate is a great way to practice your advanced techniques.

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