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Twister Spinner on iPhone

February 4, 2023

Twister Spinner on iPhone

Twister Spinner on iphone is a fun app for people who love the classic twister game. It replaces your spinner with a modern alternative that simulates an automatic wheel spinning on tap or every few seconds and announces the result.

The app is easy to use and will be appreciated by young people. Just shake your phone or press the screen for it to start.


Twister Spinner on iphone is a simple and convenient game that lets you play Twister without having to find a host or other special person. In addition, you can also set the timer and customize your game experience. This is especially useful when traveling and you don’t want to take the real game with you, but you still need to keep track of your score.

The gameplay of Twister Spinner on iphone is very simple and straightforward, but it requires some patience to get the hang of it. It is recommended to start by setting the interval and familiarizing yourself with the rules of the game. During each turn, the screen will display a color and the body part that you have to place on a circle of that color. In addition, there are a few different spinners to choose from and you can level up your spinners for increased chance of winning. The game is free to download and play.


If you like playing Twister but can’t find your spinner, or just need an extra hand to make the odds fair, Twist Spinner on iphone is for you. This game uses your phone’s camera to simulate a standard roulette, with sectors and colors that are divided by the arrow on the screen. Each move requires you to shift a body part to one of the colored sectors on the roulette.

It also features a cool and colorful interface, which will be appreciated by young people who want to play a game that’s not a standard phone app. However, the best feature is probably the ability to use your device’s speakers to sound out the color and limb as it rotates. If you want to use Voice Control, make sure you have turned it on in your phones settings. The app also has a number of other tricks up its sleeve, including a tap on the screen that can call out your player number if you are playing in one-at-a-time mode or your name if you enter it.

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