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ULTRA4 Offroad Racing Game Review

February 7, 2023

If you are a fan of offroad racing games then you will surely love this game. ULTRA4 Offroad Racing is a race-against-the-clock game that is packed with a variety of cars to play.

ULTRA4 Offroad Racing was developed by Gigabit Games and is available on Google Play for droid phones and iTunes for iPhones. It is already one of the most popular racing games on droid.


ULTRA4 Offroad Racing is a great game for anyone who likes to race cars on the open road. It has lots of different modes that allow you to race in stock, modified and ULTRA4 classes.

Unlike other types of off road racing, Ultra4 has no restrictions when it comes to building the car you want to drive. You can build it in any number of combinations using parts from different companies to customize it.

It’s a big deal to many drivers, because they aren’t stuck with an off-the-shelf car that they have to compete in.

As a result, drivers are able to show off their unique capabilities. From garage mechanics who are making beat-up 4x4s survive to factory-backed teams vying for the title of Ultra4 Champion, there is no shortage of excitement and octane-fueled fun.


ULTRA4 Offroad Racing is one of the most visually appealing games on Android. The game boasts a large number of vehicles and tracks to choose from, as well as multiple gameplay options. It is also quite the technological feat incorporating real time 3D graphics and a fully functioning online multiplayer mode.

ULTRA4 Offroad Racing has the best graphics I have seen in a mobile game to date, and is a lot of fun. The game is not without its shortcomings, though. This includes an unintuitive UI, as well as some bugs and glitches. However, it is still a must have on your phone if you like the thrills of a good race. The game is a worthy competitor to many of the more expensive titles available on the Google Play store, and is well worth your time.


ULTRA4 Offroad Racing is a free to play physics based driving game that will get you off the couch and cruising down rocky trails. This is a genuinely fun game that you will want to play over and over again. The UI is intuitive and easy to use, and the game has a nice variety of vehicles for you to choose from. Featuring 7 gorgeous level packs, with more than 100 increasing difficulty levels, this game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat for hours upon end.

The ULTRA4 Offroad Racing is one of the coolest looking games I have ever seen, and it certainly does the trick with a good amount of fun and challenging levels to boot. This oh so fun physics based racing game has a lot to offer including realistic rock crawling and a high fidelity graphical engine that delivers the best mobile offroad driving experience to date.


ULTRA4 Offroad Racing is an Android and iOS game that puts players in control of vehicles based on real-world ULTRA4 race cars. The game is brought to life by Gigbit Games and ULTRA4 partners, including Nitto Tire, GenRight, King Shocks, Bestop, Spidertrax, Trail-Gear and MetalCloak.

Featuring six different vehicles, ULTRA4 Offroad Racing has several races modes to choose from. You can try your hand at time trial stages, or opt for career games that challenge you with more difficult courses.

ULTRA4 Offroad Racing has controls that mimic the driving style of actual off-road drivers. Players will be forced to learn to control their vehicle’s throttle to avoid hitting rock obstacles and other hazards, and can incur time penalties if they don’t have the right speed and acceleration settings to keep up with the competition.


ULTRA4 Offroad Racing is a genuinely exciting game that puts you in the driver’s seat to race across virtual landscapes based on real-world offroad courses. You’ll be scrambling through MetalCloak Stampede, King of the Valleys and Griffin King of the Hammers in a variety of vehicles from some of the world’s most respected off road parts manufacturers.

The sound effects in ULTRA4 Offroad Racing are top-notch. The game features a range of vehicle sounds that are both exciting and realistic, with sound fx that are perfect for capturing the feeling of racing on dirt roads. Download the sound pack to take your game to the next level. All sounds are free to use in video and audio projects under the Mixkit License. Try it out for yourself!

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