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Winterbells Game Review

February 17, 2023

Winterbells is a Christmas-themed jumping game that has been on the web since 2006. It’s now available on iPhone/iPad, with improved graphics and a beautiful soundtrack.

Play as a cute rabbit and jump on bells to get scores in this fun and soothing game! It’s a simple, relaxing Christmas-themed game that’s perfect for your next coffee break.


Winterbells is a charming Doodle Jump-esque high score chasing game that features simple, addictive and oddly relaxing gameplay. The player controls a snow-white rabbit who hops on falling bells as they drift down from the night sky. The longer you stay hopping, the more points you earn. You can also earn double points for pouncing on birds. This cute little time sink has been produced by Ferry Halim, who has made a variety of beautiful games on his site Orisinal over the years.

Winterbells is an online game that is available to play on most modern devices. You can download the iOS version or enjoy this great game in your web browser on an iPhone, iPad, or a desktop computer. It has high quality graphics and a wonderful soundtrack. You can even play the demo version without creating an account, so you can try it out first. This game is free to play and has no ads or restrictions.


Winterbells is a cute Doodle Jump-esque high score chasing game that features cute artwork and a soundtrack of winter bells. The gameplay is simple and addictive, as you bounce on the bells to get points and jump on moving birds to double your total score. It’s one of the best Games of the Day we’ve ever reviewed, and it’s sure to please even the most casual of gamers!

The game’s music perfectly captures the spirit of the holiday season. It starts out with a tune that changes to a different one when you open the game and then continues to change throughout the game, as the little bunny jumps from bell to bell. The music gets a little eerie as the bells get smaller and further apart, and you hear sleighs and snowflakes as they fall, and crystals that melt away to leave little doves behind, hoping that you’ll take a jump on their back for a few extra points!

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