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Word Mess Game Review

January 3, 2023

Word Mess Game Review

If you are looking for a good game that your kids will love, consider Word Mess. This fun game offers a lot of different features, which will make it easy to find something that will suit your child’s personality. You can choose from the Bananagrams, Rhymes, or the Kitty Letter game. Each one of these features is fun and easy to play, making it a great choice for families.


Bananagrams is a game that combines the speed and flexibility of a puzzle with the anagrams and strategy of a crossword. The goal is to use all the tiles in the grid as quickly as possible. You will need to create your own words with the letter tiles.

There are many different game variants to choose from. You can play Bananagrams by yourself, or with up to eight players. This fast-paced game is ideal for travel or made-up games.

Each player has a Bananagrams set of 20 single-letter tiles. These tiles are solid plastic, and the letters are engraved into them. To get started, you lay the tiles face-down in the middle of the table.

Then, you flip the letters up to form a crossword. Your goal is to spell as many words as you can, without making improper words. If you make any wrong words, you will forfeit the game and return your tiles to the Bunch.

Murder by Numbers

For those looking for a wacky, zany, and offbeat game, this one is worth your time. If you’re in the market for a video game starring a robot, a queer female detective, and a lot of other quirky characters, look no further.

Murder by Numbers is a fun and zany murder mystery where you’re tasked with solving crimes by cracking the case’s cryptic puzzles. The game is divided into four cases, each requiring you to solve the enigma.

One of the best parts about this game is that the characters are very well realised. A good example is Becky, the main protagonist. She’s not a typical bitchy woman, and her relationship with Honor is a highlight of the game. Their bond is a little odd, but that’s why it works.

The game is also a good way to pass the time, and the plethora of quirky and interesting characters is the reason you’ll likely stick with it long enough to get through the last case. While the puzzles aren’t always the most satisfying, the humour is a plus.

Rhymes game

The Rhymes game is a fun way for kids to learn about rhyming and sequencing. This game is played by picking up cards from the board, then matching the cards to a picture. It also develops fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

There are two versions of the Rhymes game. Both are simple to play and are good for children of all ages. In the original, you have a rhyming board with pictures of various nursery rhymes. Players take turns to pick up a card and place it on the matching picture. Those who choose the wrong card will lose a turn.

Another version of the game is the Rhyming Pair game. It involves teams of two to four players. One player acts as the cluegiver, who must describe a phrase in a way that their teammates can guess it.

Once a team has guessed the first phrase, they make a second guess. If the player guesses correctly, they earn a point. They may choose to buy an object or use the points to purchase more objects.

Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter is an iPhone game that’s free to download on the iOS App Store or Google Play. You can play it in both solo and multiplayer modes. In solo mode, you must spell out words on a grid of letters using a swipe motion. But when playing in multiplayer mode, you’ll be competing with up to four friends. The speed at which you generate words is crucial. If you get caught short, you might run out of words before you’re able to defeat your opponent.

You can also play the game online. It’s free to play and offers an interesting twist on the classic word search genre. Unlike other word games, you don’t have to pay for gimmicks or in-game purchases. Instead, you can focus on having fun while you learn. There’s also a storyline that keeps the game fresh.

Some of the content in the game touches on topics such as animal mating, butts and exploding cats. There are also collectible power-ups and The Oatmeal comics to read. The game is designed to encourage vocabulary building, problem-solving and verbal skills.

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