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Wreckfest Game Review

February 9, 2023

Wreckfest Game Review

Wreckfest is a spiritual sequel to Bugbear’s FlatOut series and it’s the latest racing game to hit consoles. Following an extensive four-year Early Access period, Wreckfest has finally arrived on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With a plethora of different tracks and demolition derby modes, Wreckfest offers plenty to keep players entertained. But the best part is that smashing into other vehicles is as much a key part of the game as it is of driving them.


Wreckfest is a no-holds-barred “full contact” racing game that challenges you to make it first to the finish line (in circuit modes) and inflict as much damage as possible. Whether you’re playing solo or online, there are a variety of vehicles to choose from — including over-the-top choices like RVs and crop dusters — as well as various customization options.

The gameplay in Wreckfest is a little on the bland side for the most part, but it does boast a number of cool features that should keep you entertained for hours on end. Among the most impressive are the game’s many modes, which include a solo, challenge and career mode. The game also possesses the largest fleet of cars in a video game — which is great news for fans of the genre. The best part is that the physics and handling of each vehicle is incredibly tight, which should result in an enjoyable and fast-paced experience.


Wreckfest is a demolition derby-themed racing game with soft-body damage modeling, sophisticated driving dynamics and in-depth vehicle upgrading. It’s a true-to-life simulation crafted by Bugbear entertainment, the same team behind cult hit FlatOut.

The game offers a range of vehicles from bloodring bangers to three-wheelers, and they all get torn up in both demolition derbies and races. Some are silly and fun, while others are tense high-octane matches where one wrong turn can mean the end of your car.

The game runs smoothly on the Switch, with no noticeable frame drops or lag. The graphics aren’t as good as the console versions, but they do the job, and there are tons of particle and destruction effects onscreen to keep you entertained.


If you’re a fan of demolition derbies or kart racing, Wreckfest will appeal to your inner car buff. This is a no-holds-barred full-contact racer that’s fun to play for both online and offline competition. With plenty of upgrades to unlock and cars to customize, there’s no shortage of ways to get your paws on the coveted golden trophy.

Wreckfest isn’t a particularly large or complex game, but it’s still an enjoyable romp through the various tracks and modes. For a $40 title, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more impressive and satisfying experience. Whether you’re looking to nab a sexy lass in single player mode or tear up your friends in multiplayer, this is a slickly designed title that’s well worth the price tag. This is a must-have for any driving enthusiast. The Wreckfest mobile app is an excellent way to keep up with the action. The best part is that you can download new tracks and modes as needed for as long as you’re online.


Wreckfest is a soft-body damage racer with a high level of customization and sophisticated driving dynamics. The game features both demolition derby and traditional track races.

It’s a fun game and a welcome break from the more serious, structured forms of racing. It also has plenty of content and game modes for players to try out, which should ensure the title will be playable for some time.

The controls in Wreckfest are fairly intuitive, with both touch and tilt inputs available. You’ll get a suite of accessibility and sensitivity options as well, which should help those who struggle with the more complex inputs.

What’s more, the game retains a lot of the debris-based effects we love from the PC and console versions. Slamming into a pile of tyres or throwing planks of wood around can cause debris to scatter and fly in all kinds of crazy ways, which makes the game’s physics-heavy nature all the more rewarding.

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