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Zenonia First Look

November 16, 2022

Gamevil has shared with us an early build of their upcoming fantasy RPG ‘Zenonia’. Built from a Korean mobile game of the same name the play features classic Zelda meets Final Fantasy gameplay with real-time battles mixed with FF-style levelling up and inventories.

The story sees you playing a mysterious kid called Regret, who is trying to uncover his father’s death and a greater unexplained evil. The game is still in its early stages, and much of the dialogue between my character and NPCs has not been translated, but I have already taken on various errands around the village and uncovered a storyline that has put bigger events in motion. Due to the extent of the un-translated text, I don’t want to play anymore until it’s fixed as I’m no doubt missing important plot points. But I can safely say that it’s a fascinating game in which Gameveil state delivers more than 40 hours’ worth of gameplay. Graphically it features a style similar to the earlier 2D Zelda games, but even so, the game worlds are full of flora and fauna to interact with. The music features a few glitches such as pops in the looping but overall fits well within the fantasy theme.

Controls feature an onscreen d-pad and action button, and work petty well with both character motion, fighting and navigating the menus and your character inventory.

Look for more on the game soon, in the meantime check out screenshots from the current build.



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