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Zombie Night Terror on iPhone

December 14, 2022

Zombie Night Terror on iPhone

Whether you’re looking for a horror game for your iphone, or just a game to play with your friends, Zombie Night Terror is a great choice. Its graphics are gorgeous, and its soundtrack is fantastic. The gameplay is fast and enjoyable, and the platform is versatile.


Whether you’re playing Zombie Night Terror on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you’ll want to be sure you’re putting the right amount of effort into this brain teaser. Thankfully, the game has been designed with your needs in mind, making it the perfect way to kill a few hours on the go. It’s also easy to install and use, so you won’t have to scrounge around for your favorite app. And the game’s plethora of perks isn’t just for iOS, it also supports Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to download the special edition Zombie Night Terror upgrade, which features a soundtrack composed of MP3 files. The game will cost you $7.99, and is available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s also one of the few games that will allow you to play on two different screens at once. Using the controller, you can take on your favorite multiplayer avatar. This includes zombies, humans, and even some of the undead.

If you’re looking for a way to test your mettle, you should definitely try out the special edition Zombie Night Terror. You’ll get to choose between the aforementioned two versions, and even snag a free copy of the iPhone X, if you’re so inclined.


Taking a look at platforms in Zombie Night Terror on iPhone, you will be treated to a unique blend of puzzle and strategy action. In addition to some pretty slick graphics, this game is packed with fun and enticing gameplay. It also offers a bit of nostalgia, as it is reminiscent of Lemmings, the iconic 8-bit puzzler.

In terms of platforming, Zombie Night Terror on iPhone is a solid title, although it may not be the most satisfying experience. In fact, it is quite fiddly, requiring a certain level of expertise. It also offers a decent length. Despite its shortcomings, Zombie Night Terror is a must-have for fans of puzzlers and zombies.

It’s got a fun little gimmick, and it does the trick. That gimmick is the ability to control a zombie’s movement. This allows you to make them move up stairs, which would ordinarily be difficult, as they don’t move directly. You can even weaken a door, allowing them to break through, which is an unusually tame feature in this genre.

However, you may have noticed that the zombies don’t always follow your commands. At times, you’ll have to be a tad more inventive than that. While the platforming title isn’t too complex, it does require you to know where to start and what to do next.


Considering the popularity of zombie movies, it’s no surprise that games that deal with the subject have become all the rage. In recent years, the genre has become oversaturated, but Zombie Night Terror is a refreshingly different take on the zombie theme. It’s not a mindless zombie killing spree, but a rather clever strategy game.

Zombie Night Terror is a game that is similar to Lemmings, but with a bit more flair. The game begins with a small outbreak of zombies. The player must feed and build up a horde of zombies. The players can choose from several different types of zombies. In addition, the brainless undead have special mutations that allow them to be modified to a certain degree.

The graphics of the game are pixelated, with bloody red liquid and shades of grey. The music is reminiscent of 80s horror films. Some of the film composers include John Carpenter, who composed some of the best horror movies of the decade.

Zombie Night Terror has a simple storyline, but its level design is complex. It’s split up into four chapters, and each chapter ends with a powerful end boss. The objectives change throughout the game, but they’re mostly simple. You’ll want to kill a certain number of enemies or reach a certain location.

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